Saturday, 13 March 2010

Zombies, redheads and dogs bollocks

Just had a watch of Zombieland, and I'm now officially in love with Emma Stone. I've got a thing for redheads, and freckles. Not to the extreme of Patsy "RRRRIIIIICKKKKAAAAAAYYYYYYY" Palmer, but more like the Lohan girl, and Emma Stone. Luckily for me, my missus is a redhead. Dropped on there like, didn't I?
While I'm on the subject of Zombieland, even though it's a fun film, where the fuck are all the zombies? I mean, you get one or two scattered about every now and then, and it's not until the end that you see loads of the fuckers...I'd expect gazillions of the bastards everywhere. many is that?
I'd love to be a dog. Look at him, just lying there asleep, only gets up when he needs a shite or wants feeding. Plus, he can lick his own plums. Bonus.

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