Saturday, 13 March 2010

The Road to JD

I watched that film, "The Road" last night. It was ok, very bleak and depressing. Viggo Mortenson or whatever his name is, he was good. He was boss in that "Eastern Promises" as well, that's a proper decent flick that. Gonna watch "Up" tonight with the kids. Went to Poundstretcher yesterday and got some popcorn and that, so I'll be having me home made sketty bol, when the wife gets in from work with an onion anyway, and a nice night on the couch with the family. Probably finish that bottle of JD I've got as well. I love JD. I'd have it on cornflakes, except I don't like cornflakes. Probably rather have sugar puffs. Not with JD on though, cos I'm not a fucking alky.

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